The A Eléctrica, Lda is a company that designs, manufactures and installs industrial equipment according to the customer’s specific needs.

The focus of is activity is related to the solutions for the treatment of various parts and materials (degreasing, painting and drying), being able to design and manufacture other types of special machines for many different uses.

The solid experience obtained over more than 50 years allows acquiring a great know-how in the design, manufacture and assembling of pre-treatment, drying, painting and polymerization, both metal and plastic pieces.

Also designs and manufactures equipments for the treatment of other substrates (cork, jeans, cardboard, nylon, leather, etc).

The A Eléctrica, Lda has a technical office, equipped with technicians and technologies that allows the study, development, design and test to find the best solutions to meet the customer’s needs.

In the factory the company owns machines suitable for the fabrication of the designed equipments and a team of about 30 skilled metalworkers.

An Electrical and Electronic Department is responsible for the design and execution of the control and command systems of all machines produced. The highly skilled technical team has consistently developed new and innovating management solutions that are implements on the machines and plants manufactured.

A rigorous quality control ensures that the equipment produced are delivered to the costumers able to carry out the functions as intended.

The A Eléctrica, Lda also has another division that produces centrifugal pumps for various industrial uses. These pumps are also used in the pretreatment tunnels and water curtain painting booths produced.

In this way, the A Eléctrica, Lda is able to provide his clients with integrated “turnkey” solutions.

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