A ELÉCTRICA, LDA, was founded by Mr. António Dias Costa in February 1924th resulting from former Dias Costa Company. created in 1914 also by Mr. António Dias Costa.

The Company’s main object was to trade, rent and car repair, electric installations, though it could explore other non specified items.
After World War II (1946/47) we started the production of the first centrifugal pumps, initially of lower pressure.

In 1952/53 the higher pressure pumps have been made as well as air compressors and other diverse equipment (“cut-weeds” machines, aspersing machines, etc.).
In 1957 we started to produce painting cabins equipped with AE 800 vertical pumps. In 1960 we started the production of stoves, tunnels, and washing-machines (TTS), under Max Azoulay’ license (France).

The production of these industrial equipments rose significantly in the 60’s, due to the beginning of cars’ assemblies in Portugal. Not only metallomechanic industries but also other companies acquired equipments made by A ELÉCTRICA, LDA

Currently A ELÉCTRICA, LDA designs, manufactures and assembles innovative and high technology equipment for various industries. We count among our customers reputable Portuguese and multinational industrial groups.

In 2003 A Eléctrica, Lda became certified by APCER according to ISO9001:2000 standards

In 2011 obtained the “Alvará” (legal authorization) as a metallic structures builder company

In the last years we have been developing an internationalization process that allowed us to export important to several countries like France, Germany, China, Brazil, etc.

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