Centrifugal pumps

DC and AC series pumps with flow rates from 2 m3 / h to 400 m3 / h.
The pumps are guaranteed to work for long years as they are based on widely tried and internationally renowned pumps.
The design of these pumps has been designed to have a high robustness, safety and performance. The shapes of the pump body and the turbine have been the subject of particularly in-depth studies.
For loaded fluids the pumps will have an open turbine (PX models) for both monoblocs and vertical and horizontal pumps.
The pumps and monoblock units can be supplied in cast iron, stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316.
Each pump is designated by the diameter of the suction hole in mm followed by the diameter of the normal turbine in centimeters.
The exact adaptation to the characteristics of use must be determined by our technical services.
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